fatcow uk web hosting review

FatCow UK Web Hosting Review

Fatcow UK is a web hosting company that was founded in 1998. They cater to both small and medium businesses as well as private individuals who are in search for something affordable and yet relatively reliable hosting services. This web hosting company is known for having a great service and an incredibly low price. Every year, this hosting company is improving and just when you think there is no more room for improvement, they exceed expectations.

FatCow UK Web Hosting Review

FatCow UK has a good track record when it comes to good service and affordability and they have reaped numerous awards to prove that. Aside from web hosting, FatCow also does search engine optimization, e-commerce, website development, and even email marketing. Everything that you need to promote your business on the World Wide Web can be found in FatCow so you do not have to go very far.

Fatcow UK Reliability and Performance

With 2 data centers, high end technologies, and total redundancies, your site is fully protected, and up and running at the fastest speeds, at all times. A pooled server set up, also puts you in a pool with similar sites, for support and faster speeds. RAID arrays, are aligned with the pools, for optimal support, and back ups. Additional power generators are set up, in the event of a power outage.

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Fatcow UK Features and Control Panel

The intuitive design, is a self developed control panel, which is simple for anyone to use. Management tasks can be completed via the small icons, and a status bar can provide valuable information about your site at any time. You can also view stats about hosting at any time, including amount of bandwidth or storage space you are currently using.

Fatcow UK Support

The “Heifer Crathic Oath” ensures quick service, and answers within a 2 minute time of customers calling in. 24/7 support, 365 days, via a toll free number, along with email support, are some great ways to contact the support team. Live chat is also available, tutorials, and FAQ sections are also offered, through the online knowledge base that Fatcow provides to their online customers.

FatCow UK Web Hosting Conclusion

FatCow UK is green, affordable, friendly, and fun; plus, the one package, low price solution fits all approach, is great for any sized business, and any customer in need of great hosting, for less. They provide a great technical infrastructure, and performance, speed, and security, are among the best in the industry today. A pooled server approach, also means less down time, and fewer errors with your site. A self developed control panel is extremely easy to learn how to use, along with exceptional customer service.

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