Ipage Uk Web Hosting Review

Ipage Uk Web Hosting Review

iPage UK is a web hosting company that provides web solutions to meet demands. It is considered to be one of the most renowned companies that help people to earn money by maintain and designing web hosting pages. iPage boasts of serving to many small and big companies for years and helped them to establish a substantial position in the online market. Be it designing or developing a website, eCommerce solution, online marketing or sending and receiving emails, iPage has solutions for all.

Ipage Uk Review

iPage Support for your Website:

If you are planning to run a website, iPage can be the best solution for you. It will not only help you to develop an amazing website that reflects your business and product but also provide solutions to optimize your work process. From coding to creating content for your web page, iPage guarantees to support you throughout the process.

Support for Email:

Email is one of the most important elements of web hosting services. It is the medium for communicating with clients and loyal customers and bridges the communication gap. iPage ensures that all your emails that you send or received are quick and rapid. Moreover, this excellent web hosting company offers unlimited mail boxes and forwards to its customers such as AtMail, extensive spam management and more.

Complete Security:

Security of all your valuable data is an important factor for any business be it online or offline. iPage promises to offer complete security for all the information that you share. The talented admin team of iPage has developed a secured network environment that ensures no data is leaked and is completely protected from potential intruders.

The Network Operation Center or NOC can easily detect any security holes and can also mend it apparently. With advanced encryption technology, iPage ensures that every data that you or your customer feeds in is completely protected. Customers are very particular about the security of the information that they share. Hence, a complete secured network assurance is a must for every online business website owners.

You can even have a security badge positioned on your website that indicates that your website is highly secured and tested regularly, giving a peace of mind to your customers. What’s more, you can get your domain name verified so that your customers are ensured that your website is legitimate and away from any scandals.

Lets us see what make iPage different from other web hosting companies

  • Customer Support:

The people working at iPage are really friendly and they can very well handle their customers. Their polite and effective communication has helped them to build strong bond with their clients. In addition, this amazing web hosting company offers 24/7 customer support via phone, emails, or chats. It also promises to respond as quickly as possible to all their customers. Such dedication and commitment has certainly become a strong element of iPage.

  • Wide Range of Services:

iPage offers an array of web solution services such as website building and development, ecommerce, security, email marketing, and more. It also aims at delivering result-oriented solutions to its customers and enhances their online presence.

  • Security:

One important factor of iPage is that it solely takes the responsibility of protecting your valuable data. It uses advanced and latest technologies that ensure complete data security. In addition, it provides domain verification, a security badge for your website, and free account-specific malware and spam scanning system. Besides, you are also given a chance to scan your account once in a year.

  • Integrated Google Control Panel:

iPage claims to integrate Google Tools for Websites that provides direct access to Adwords, your sitemap, and lots more. This will make your task more quick and easy.

  • Eco-friendly:

iPage is an highly energy efficient company that has greatly reduced its carbon footprint by earning many Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). In addition, the servers, offices, and data centres that work hard to build your website are powered by wind energy. This definitely helps them to attract visitors who really care for the nature. Moreover, it can help you get such certificates and make your website eco-friendly to attract more customers and enhance your web presence.

  • Helps in Multiplying your Revenue:

The talented and dedicated team of professionals constantly strive to deliver solutions that benefit your organization. It helps you to increase web traffic and generate more online leads. It also helps in attracting browsers and turning them into potential customers. iPage really understands your business process and offers solutions that will help to optimize your business activities and flourish your business across the globe. To sum up, it will add value to your investment.

So with the above mentioned advantages and features of the most reliable web hosting company in the market, iPage certainly wins the race. Once you have collaborated with this company, all you need to do is sit back and relax and iPage will take over all the responsibilities. With budget friendly package, you can select the best one that suits you and your business the most. Moreover, iPage believes in offering the right package to its customers by understanding their business requirements and work flow to make it cost effective. Plus, it ensures that all its customers are satisfied and get what they need and constantly work hard to meet their demands and exceed their expectations. With iPage in your mind, your dreams are ready to turn into reality.

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