Yahoo UK Web Hosting review

Yahoo UK Web Hosting

Yahoo UK web hosting are probably the biggest brand in the hosting world (Only because Google is not involved in web hosting) and this is a big attraction to hosting newcomers as they have a well known name, but this doesn’t always mean you will get the best service or the best value for money. Yahoo are better known for their search engine technology and email accounts but they also offer small business web hosting solutions too.


Yahoo offers a very extensive website building facility which includes one-click contact forms and advanced photo galleries. A bonus of going with Yahoo is that they give all their hosting customers bonus PPC advertising credits. Yahoo hosting plans now come with unlimited transfer and space as they have followed their competition to avoid being left behind.


As you would expect Yahoo does offer a great web hosting solution, and it’s hard to fault their control panel and reliability. Overall you are paying a premium price for Yahoo and we think this is largely due to their brand rather than the advanced features, but with that being said we still recommend yahoo as a top web host, just value for money lets them down.


Yahoo web hosting is priced very highly. Their shared hosting plans start at $9.95/month which is almost three times as much as some of the other web hosts and we cannot see any reason to justify this other than they are a huge trusted brand. So you are paying for the name not the service.

Reliability and Uptime:

Yahoo needs one of the most complex datacenter architectures for their non hosting ventures so they have passed on this knowledge and structure to their web hosting subsidiary to offer secure reliably hosting. As they are not solely dedicated to hosting we believe that their uptime for customers has suffered as being such a huge brand you would expect them to be the number one web host in the world. We have never experienced any long outages with any of are test websites hosting with yahoo though and believe them to be as reliable as their search engine.

Control Panel:

Yahoo has designed and developed their very own hosting interface which lots of custom features and services for them. We found their control panel to be self explanatory and it didn’t take us long to work out navigation and feature usage. Their top feature has to be their own website building tools which are easy to use and actually very intuitive so even beginners can almost teach themselves website building.

Customer Support:

Yahoo’s customer support is excellent as you would expect. All customers receive 24/7 phone and email from highly trained technical staff. They do however lack live person support which every other top host uses.


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