Web Hosting: Which Type Is Best for You

No matter what kind or size of site you’re looking to set up, we’ve got the Web hosting service that’s right for you.

shared hosting

Shared Hosting

Tens to hundreds of websites are hosted on the same server that ensures the best cost-benefit ratio. Today the systems are stable enough to allow a quality service even in these conditions. The uptime  should be approximately 99.5% of the time, because the administration of multiple websites on the same server maintenance requires more constant than a single website per server.



Virtual Private Server or VPS is a technology that makes a server capable of running several different platforms, enabling you to better control the hosting of your website. It is suitable for applications that need full access to the operating system but that do not require much processing capacity. The server is divided into separate spaces and each hosted website has its own resources.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server

Is the more expensive type of hosting, however, superior than Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Server, because the server can be better controlled. In addition to hiring a server, it is also necessary to know that if you need manage it, which requires a qualified professional, mainly to manage the security of the server against Hackers. The hardware is supplied by a data center. 

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Computing

Is the evolution of the Virtual Private Server. It allows the rapid migration to other equipment in the event of failures. It is an option with lower cost to Dedicated Server, but with superior quality. The advantage in relation to the shared hosting is that it does not cost significantly more and still allows isolation of resources and that a site withstand a much higher than for visits at the same time.

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